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The passion and experience with which we deal with our work are the best guarantee for our customers.
We always follow with attention the evolution of the market, which today requires a continuous technical and qualitative updating, in fact thanks to our suppliers of world leading raw materials in their sectors, we have created a line of perfumers for environment of maximum quality and great effectiveness .
The environment perfumers "TAMTAM - CAMOMILLATORINO - EBLANC - ATMOSFERA - FANTASTICO" are the result of a long research of raw materials and composition.
We certify that all our fragrances are produced exclusively with essential oils according to the definitions of international ISO standards.
As a basis for our perfumery products we use organic alcohol, without adding any products.
We certify that all the materials used for the realization of our products are manufactured and purchased in Italy.
All the production of our articles is produced in our factory in Avigliana (TO).
Linea TamTam Completa
Linea TamTam Detergenti